Why Primeries?

What if everyone in this world focused on what they were best at and most passionate about, with the right support in place?  We'd have the best musicians, best doctors, best rappers, best cooks, and the finest of everything. It sounds implausible, but wouldn't that be insane? I believe that a decent place to start for a solution would be to establish better mechanisms that seek out and assist brilliant individuals in their activities.

Primeries is intended to be a minor component of that system. Primeries promotes and recounts the tales of up-and-coming African artists in the goal of encouraging them to keep doing what they love, whether it's streetwear, clothing design, music production, filmmaking, party hosting, or anything else. Africa is known for her craft, Primeries is a platform for African creatives and designers to showcase and exhibit their craft. 

Primeries Limited is the world's most influential African fashion portal. Our objective is to unite producers, curators, and consumers through a worldwide platform for African fashion. Primeries originated as an e-commerce marketplace for African shops throughout the world, founded in 2021 by Benjamin Unah & Lotanna Onyekwelu for the love of fashion. Customers in over 190 countries and territories can now shop for items from more than 50 countries and the world's best African brands, boutiques, and department stores on the Primeries Marketplace, providing a truly unique shopping experience and access to the world's most extensive selection of African creatives on a single platform.

Primeries Platform Solutions, which debuted the same year, is a suite of commerce solutions and retail technology for premium brands and merchants.

PPS allows brands and retailers to access new customers, increase worldwide capabilities, and provide an improved shopping experience thanks to the world-leading Primeries platform.

From end-to-end commerce solutions to customised and modular services, we provide our partners access to the Primeries Marketplace's capabilities, scalability, and success, built just for them.

Primeries was founded on a passion for fashion. Individuality is something we believe in empowering. Our objective is to unite producers, curators, and consumers through a worldwide platform for African fashion.

Our Mission: To work with clients to reinvent their businesses via online markets while building a firm that recruits, empowers, and retains exceptional creatives, people and employees.