by Benjamin Unah

Streetwear as a fashion style has always been more than just clothing. It is a global phenomenon that has evolved into something more fascinating, captivating, and influenced by DIY I don’t care attitude (in a good way) aided by art, music, fashion, and dance.

Although streetwear is global, different places all around the world have their style and flair. Something that makes it unique to them. Tell their own stories and are appealing to the youths of the region. And Africa is no exception.

The fashion industry in Africa is fast evolving and every day we see young people getting involved. Taking the history of streetwear and merging it with their local style to express their realities. Africa has a large number of its population under the age of 25, and these youngsters are using fashion to tell their stories and connect and break boundaries in the fashion world.

In this article, we are going to stress the importance of empowering African-owned streetwear brands. In the African fashion industry, a lot has been done, and more is still being done. But in a world where the competition is already ahead, we need to do more to take our African brands from where they are to where they should be.

Know Your Streetwear Brands

To empower something, you need to be aware of it. When you are aware of a brand you empower them by giving them visibility. This helps to parachute the brand to the radar of more customers who in turn will buy the product. And this is what we do at primeries; bring the African streetwear brand to your doorstep by bridging the gap of information. We partner with streetwear brands all over Africa. From 90sbrand, Ahso, Cruise, Loner Party, Mad Stalkers, Jeanspiration, The Ankara Boy to UnlimitedXlegacy amongst many others.

Patronize Your Favorite Brands

Patronizing your favorite African streetwear brand has to be the height of empowering them. These young designers spend a whole lot of time, funds, and sleepless nights just to get their brand out there. Getting something in return empowers them to do more. Some of these brands give part of their profits back to their communities. So when you empower them, they in turn empower the community and the circle goes on. At our stores, both online and offline, Primeries gives you access to some of the best brands in the African streetwear industry at the best price.


Primeries is the world's most influential African streetwear portal. We have created a platform where African streetwear brands are showcased allowing fashion lovers from all over the world to access them. Bringing African creators to the global stage and into the lives of ordinary everyday people. The importance of empowering our brands can’t be over-emphasized. And we will continue doing so until they reach where they want to and beyond. Do your part today and watch the brands we love and hold dear soar high.

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